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Flex question, pick two. (1 Viewer)


PPR, no bonus for 100 yards rushing/receiving. 

Lamar Miller vs. Titans

Lesean McCoy vs. Chargers

Josh Gordon vs. Saints

Gordon is tempting because of the saints last week performance. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you! 



Miller and Gordon. For McCoy, you should expect 8-9 in the box with QB play being horrible. I would wait until Allen can prove to be at least serviceable before putting in McCoy



That's what I was worried about, with the offensive line issues, and an unproven QB it could be rough for McCoy. 



Put me down for the Miller & Gordon camp.  Buffalo is a mess and will be in bad game scripts all year long.  McCoy may get some garbage time stats (fantasy gold) but I don't even think that is possible with how bad they are.  I would give a few games of Allen getting up to speed before trusting McCoy


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