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Flex starter help needed - 1/2 point PPR (1 Viewer)


I need to fill 1 Flex spot with one of these guys: 1/2 point ppr, 12 team league. Rb's get bonus points for 7 or more catches.

B Cooks hm vs Philly. He only gets 4-5 targets a game, so if he doesn't score it hurts.

Clyde Edwards Helaire - hm vs Buff. Pacheco is out, is CEH a good upside play?

Mattison at LVR. With Dobbs imploding lately, maybe Vikes run more and Matty falls into the end zone for once?

Thanks in advance, I'll respond to yours!
CEH more likely to get catch bonus than Mattison,but with McKinnon healthy that's unlikely imop.
Seems like all three would be TD dependent to score double digits for you.
Be a coin flip for me between CEH and Mattison,maybe edge to CEH in SHOULD be a higher scoring game.

For me:
1A. Mattison
3. Cooks...see my post please

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