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Anyone playing this game on Iphone/Android? I'm not one to "play games" on my phone really at all, but this one definitely tapped into something for me. Certified addict at this point. Fun game/simulation where you start with a team of the lowest level players and the more games and wins you get the more "packs" of players you open, trying to continuously improve your team. One of those games that is free, but you can also dump "a lot" of money into it if you want (I do not). All players are NFL players, although some of the ranks/player ratings are highly questionable (Like Andy Dalton is a 85 overall, but Deshaun Watson is an 80)

Good thing to help pass time by in these doldrums of the offseason, although TC is here for a lot of teams.
I get ads for it all the time but haven't checked it out. Assumed it was 1 of those games that you can't get anywhere without spending 100's of dollars to get the good players.

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