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JAK Straw

I greatly appreciate that FBGs have IDP coverage to the degree that they do. I find value in each of the Reading the Defense, Ear to the Ground, Eyes of the Guru, and IDP General Admission columns each week, along with Dynasty IDP Buy/Low. However...in the spirit of constructive criticism...sometimes the columns cover the same or similar ground. Oft times I read the more or less the same comments about the same players on each team. Given that you have four to five IDP beat writers, maybe you could carve out more distinct roles for each one, rather than giving them free license to write whatever? There have been weeks where I'm looking for comments on the LB situation for team A, and find 2,3 or 4 writers talking about their DL situation only. Maybe some writers could be charged with certain teams? Or positions? Or defensive schemes? Or starters/current season vs. dynasty/long term considerations? Again, I greatly appreciate that this coverage exists at all...this is a nice problem to have.


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