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Free Slow Draft 16 Team Competitive Startup PPR Dynasty(ESPN) (1 Viewer)


Hey guys, so after getting burned the past couple of leagues by deadbeat league mangers or just leagues in general that lack any fun or excitement when everyone does just the bare minimum, I have finally decided to run a couple of my own leagues this upcoming season. I've started by putting some time and thought into the league settings, league pages and how I want to run the leagues and what kind of owners I'd like. I've already got a handful of owners in the league that I have played against before and are proven to be good owners that know what they're doing and actually make things fun and interesting through trades or trash talk.

This leagues will be run through ESPN, it is free and will continue to be free in the future. So if you're an owner that enjoys the fun part of FF(trades and talking some trash) then these leagues are for you!

**Sunday Collisions Dynasty League**

- 16 Teams
- 8 Playoff Teams
- Deep Rosters
- Slow Offline Draft with 24 hour clock through league message board(picks/players can be traded during the draft)
- Full PPR
- 17 Keepers with an annual 3 round rookie/fa draft beginning in 2014(these picks can be traded in-season)
- Will finish up with a live draft for remaining rounds in late August if needed
- Starts QB, 2RB, 2WR, FLEX, TE, 11 Bench, 2 IR

If interested please email me at priest959atgmail.com(at=@) or PM me.



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