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Friday Night Draft Results (1 Viewer)


2004 IDP at season's end

Kampman, Aaron

Spires, Greg

Smith, Aaron

Bulluck, Keith

Urlacher, Brian

Briggs, Lance

Simmons, Anthony

Peterson, Mike

Wilson, Gibril

Sharper, Darren

Green Michael

Kiel, Terrance

Sanders, Bob

Cuts reduced me to this

Bulluck, Keith (RLB)

Urlacher, Brian (MLB)

Briggs, Lance (WLB)

Wilson, Gibril

After Friday night I look like this

Allen, Jared

Wistrom, Grant

Hargrove, Anthony

Brayton, Tyler (my last pick)




Hartwell, Edgerton

Mitchell, Lance

Hayes, Gerald


Davis, Thomas

Jackson, Marlin

Demps, Will

Gamble, Chris

I hated not getting Sanders back but I think I managed to improve overall. DL is probably about the same, maybe a little more potential with this year's top three. LBs are pretty strong, ATL and ARI MLBs should be gold mines. Davis, Marlin, Demps could all be huge. Gamble had a real nose for the ball towards the end of last year.


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