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I'm looking for a few good owners to help me launch the Deep Dive IDP league. This is a 20-team (1-copy) league that will have deep rosters, IDP, variations of PPR, Superflex, and bench points scoring. The intent of the league is to create a premium on scouting players as there will be a dearth of viable starters sitting on waiver wires from week to week. While not a complicated system by any means, it may not be suitable for the average dynasty/IDP player. Defense and offense scoring is pretty balanced, though depth at different positions will differ.

The startup will be an auction format (though this is not a contract/salary cap league) and in-season active rosters will be 50 spots as well as a 10-man Taxi Squad (and IR). This is not a typical TS format. All bench players will have 25% of their points count toward the overall team total. Players left on TS will not have their points counted. Players may be shuffled to and from the TS at any given time with this in mind.

Other features of the league:
1. Payouts are weighted to in-season achievement, while there is still money to be won for end-of-season greatness
2. There is a "Beat the League" rollover pot that will be won when one franchise has beaten all others 3 times
3. Heavy doubleheader schedule to allow playing each division team twice and all others once every season
4. There is a home field advantage system for playoff games equal to half the difference of season scoring average. 
5. It will use a EDGE and DI system and defensive players (DE, DT, LB) will be reassigned according to their true position
6. 2019 rookie draft slots will be auctioned in the startup. There is no limit to how many draft slots a person may win (unless I stumble across a reason why that is an awful idea). True team construction flexibility.

The aspect you may find most unique to this league is the deposit system. Each team will pay $75 per year in addition to a one-time deposit of $75 for a new owner. Each owner is responsible for finding their own replacement owner by 1/31 when they leave the league following the season's end (or thereabouts... I'm easy as long as you communicate with me). At that time, if a replacement has not been found, the owner may be free to leave the league upon surrendering their deposit so the commissioner may use that to provide a full discount for a replacement owner. The two biggest reasons for this rule are: a) the commissioner does not have to arbitrarily decide who gets their deposit back and how much, and b) it allows the league to stay open for business and trading almost year round because owners have a true interest in the well-being of their team and are motivated to leave a well-functioning team behind when departing.

Sooo, yeah. That's the main points I believe. I would love to get the league ready for an auction by 2/15, but accept that is probably too ambitious. Doesn't mean I won't try though. Rookie draft will follow the auction. See more here:


Let me know if you're interested and pass along to others who might be. The league will use Leaguesafe exclusively and fees must be paid before being assigned a franchise.

Good luck and good hunting.

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I had someone express reservation about paying up for a league that is not yet full, apparently that they were risking their money to do so. I thought I would add a response to that here in case there are others with the same concern.

There are 7 teams that have either paid already (5 teams) or are in the process of paying. The core group is from other leagues I commission or people I invited personally from other leagues after having played with them for a few years.

For the record, many people aren't aware (as I wasn't until I did it a month ago) that you can request a refund from Leaguesafe for a league you're in and you get your buy in back hassle-free. There's no catch and this isn't a gotcha setup. I don't intend to hold anyone hostage that doesn't want to be there. I want people who are interested in the league setup and want to be there. If it doesn't fill up, you simply get your money back.

With that said, I would be happy to take your name and email if you're interested but have reservations and let you know when the league is filling up if that's more comfortable for you. Just PM me.

I am in another league run by this Gibroni, it is ran well and as fun as any other league I am in, so I decided to join this one as well since it is a different structure.  I am not concerned the least bit paying for the league, already have, it will fill no problem and in no time, it is early in the startup and almost halfway full after a couple weeks, this is the slow time, so if guys sleep on it they may have to find another league.  I personally like your structures and the payouts get spread around thru achievement over winner gets all the money.  Like always tho, you can suck it!!!!! (got to treat him like Goodell, that is what commisioners deserve....)

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Wow, not sure whether to thank you or kick you out of the league. I guess I'll settle for punishing you all year long.


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