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Game Thread W16 - Atlanta V Tampa Bay (1 Viewer)

Blatant pass interference (for 47 yards!) on Reggie Kelly on badly underthrown ball from Vick sets Falcons up inside the Bucs 5. Vick throws a swng pass to Griffith who dives into the end zone.EDIT: After seeing the replay Vick's throw to White wasn't as bad as I thought. White might have caught it if not for the PI.

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2 nice throws to Smith. 30-yard interference on Galloway. Good call on a TD throw to Jameel Cook. It's just that simple. Simms is effective on play-action.

I'm not seeing the game, but did Atlanta finally figure out how to stop the run?Hopefully this is just one of Caddy's usual slow starts..

Vick scrambles, runs up the middle, loses ball just before he goes down. Bucs ball. ATL challanges but looks like a fumble.

GB not having to endure another weekend of nothing but Niner/Raider games. :banned: Only 2nd time this year I get to see the Bucs play. So far they're looking good.

Go Simms Go.. Wish I would have had the balls to play him, but anyone that kicks Falcons butt is :thumbup: in my book. ;)

ATL had a decent drive going after a Vick bootleg and a Duckett run. Then Bucs bat down a pass and sack Vick to force a punt. Nice return called back by a penalty though.

Incredible. ATL goes for it on 4th-and-2. Vick slips and falls on his ###, gets up before being touched and throws to Jenkins for the first.

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Announcers are taling about Chris Simms, how he loves the game, how he always has a smile on his face, and how when he's not playing he loves being a couch potato and watching football games on TV. Of course we get a shot of a hugely obese fan in the stands as the term "couch potato" is bandied about.Simms not too happy now. Floated a pass right to Hall who ran it back 65 yards to set ATL late in the half. Hall injured on the tackle.

It really seems like Tampa is passing far too much
Too many passes to the falcons to be sure.
I just don't understand the thinking... you're at home in a huge game with a fresh RB going up against a porous defense. Why throw unless you have to?
Gruden is reknowned for doing this type of stuff. He sometimes out coaches himself and overthinks it, or thinks he knows MORE than everyone else. His ego is part of what makes him a good coach, but is also his achilles heel. As a central Florida resident, we've seen it all before.
Amazing scramble by Vick to avoid the sack - several times. Shows up as an incompletion, but he was running around and back about 30 yds before throwing it away.

Two solid runs back to back by Caddy, now they'll probably throw it 3 straight and get it picked. RUN THE BALL Gruden......Caddy needs to get going (for my team..... ;)


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