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GARBAGE TE Help needed :) (1 Viewer)


 I've got EIFERT in a 12 teamer .25 ppr league. (and also own MIXON there if that means anything)

I'm not too keen on how little action EIFERT seems to be getting. I know its week 1, but still.  The last year or two his usage when he is not hurt, well simply put the Bengals seem content to just roll him out in key situations and around the stripe.  That is fine to try and keep him healthy, but I am not liking how it seems they aren't going to be giving him many targets, instead settling for a very few in certain situations a game.

 He is essentially a TD or bust sort of guy now, and in this PPR league I would like a tad bit more targets.

Problem is, the choices I have a fairly weak overall, and I am wondering if I should just stick it out with Eifert.

Here are the main few choices I am looking at, all of which I can get essentially free off waivers.

 #1 - ANTONIO GATES -  This is essentially a TD or bust copy of Eifert, except likely slower now.  Not going down this road.

 #2 - AUSTIN SEFERIAN-JENKINS - The limited passing attack by JAX scares me, but he did have 5 targets this week, and a TD called back by penalty. I still don't know if there will be enough targets for me to be happy.

 #3 - RICKY SEALS-JONES -  Now this is interesting. 6 targets this week, and he has flashed at points last year. The team and defense seem to be sputtering, but that may actually help him get a bit more action. This  might be tailor made for SAM BRADFORD  and possibly JOSH ROSEN??? at some point. You have to wonder if he will make a good secondary target (after Larry Fitz) for the questionable QB play we may be seeing here for a while. I know DJ is around too, no need to point that out.

 #4 - IAN THOMAS -  Stepping in for the injured Greg Olsen.  The word is he is raw, but talented.  I just don't see going in this direction, unless I see some action and involvement the next few weeks.

 #5 - JONNU SMITH -  Now this is the other I am considering gambling on. With Delanie Walker gone for the season (and his career may even be over) the huge target hog was Corey Davis this week. Someone is going to have to absorb some of the targets and pressure off Davis. Smith is supposed to be talented, but another worry here is Mariota's health.

 Of these, I am leaning towards either Ricky Seals-Jones, or Jonnu Smith.  I'm also considering just standing pat, and seeing if Eifert  starts to get a bit more action.

Thoughts anyone?????? 

Thanks in advance,


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It sounds like Eifert is gonna be on a pitch count every game. I don't think I would drop him though.

I agree that Jonnu Smith is a lottery ticket.


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