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Gimme Three Studs (1 Viewer)


I need three of this five. Kind of a must-win scenario.


Tackle 1
Assist 1
Sack 3 (plus the point for the tackle)
Pass defended 1

Demario Davis
TJ Edwards
Zaire Franklin
Frankie Luvu
Isaiah Simmons.

Who, and why?



I would rank them as follows:
  1. Franklin: Easy choice here. No Leonard. Playing well all year. He is a must start every week for me.
  2. Luvu: Plays vs the Ravens and their run heavy script. He should get lots of opportunities
  3. Simmons: Plays vs SF so script should be solid and he has come on as of late with sacks in two of the last three weeks and a low of 5 tackles over that time frame
  4. Edwards: High floor and has potential of a lot of tackles. Probably have him and Simmons as a coin flip.
  5. Davis: Just been inconsistent throughout the year. Missing Werner helps but don't like the matchup with the Rams


IBL Representative
They are all good short term. Only scary part with Luvu is seems to get banged up

if dynasty it is Simmons out front by alot

rest are all situational and could be replaced come next year and nice Lb class. WellDavis is age.

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