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Great Dynasty Orphan Team Check it Out (1 Viewer)


PPR $45

Lots of communication, great league.

Mariota, Marcus TEN QB

Smith, Alex WAS QB

Stafford, Matthew DET QB

Winston, Jameis TBB QB

Bell, Le'Veon PIT RB

Hunt, Kareem KCC RB

Freeman, Royce DEN RB (R)

Johnson, Duke CLE RB

White, James NEP RB

Lindsay, Phillip DEN RB (R)

Cohen, Tarik CHI RB

Riddick, Theo DET RB

Tate, Golden DET WR

Sanders, Emmanuel DEN WR

Hamilton, DaeSean DEN WR (R)

Baldwin, Doug SEA WR

Brown, John BAL WR

Snead, Willie BAL WR

Anderson, Robby NYJ WR

Gabriel, Taylor CHI WR

Kearse, Jermaine NYJ WR

Meredith, Cameron NOS WR

Wilson, Albert MIA WR

Kelce, Travis KCC TE

Butt, Jake DEN TE

Ebron, Eric IND TE

Reed, Jordan WAS TE

Seferian-Jenkins, Austin JAC TE

Prater, Matt DET PK

Ravens, Baltimore BAL Def


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