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Guice/1.07/2.02/2020 2nd for Thielen/1.01 (1 Viewer)


Hi guys, 

Guice/1.07/2.02/2020 2nd for Thielen/1.01

Wondering whether or not to accept the above trade? I have Thielen/1.01 and my team has been a mess the past 2 years. I dont have many assets although I do have Luck and Rodgers in a Superflex. My best RB's are Carson, A. Jones, R. Freeman, D. Foreman. My WR's are Thielen, Golladay, Pettis, Funches, Richardson... not great at either position. Would it be too much to ask for the 1.12 instead of the 2.02?

I should add this is a 12 team PPR Superflex league. No kickers or D. 

If you believe Guice will be healthy (outside of his clean up surgeries I don't see why he wouldn't be) I would pull the trigger on this trade.  There's no clear cut RB1 in this draft after Jacob's disastrous proday workout, Guice would probably be worth 1.1 if he came out this season.  I see a number of high upside WR in the 7-14th pick range who can give you 90% of what Thielen does.  I was an owner who sold high during the end of the season on him, really felt like the league figured him out.

Thielen and 1.01, especially because it's a superflex.  There aren't many good QBs in this class IMO so in a superflex 1.01/1.02 has added value.

I would take Thielen and the 1.01 for sure.  I don't trust Guice and I am not going to give up that much for the risk he presents. 

I'm understanding this you're giving up Thielen and the 1.1 for that package? And you already have Luck and Rodgers?

I would do this. Thielen regressed the end of the season and this will give you the opportunity to pick up quality pieces and rebuild.

Thanks for the replies guys. I ended up declining the offer. I may revisit after the draft when the 1.01 might have more pulling power. Guice seems to have faded a little in value although I'm still a believer. 


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