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Guillotine League - 2 openings - $50 League Safe (1 Viewer)


We have 2 open spots in a 4th year 17-team GUILLOTINE League (the other 15 owners are paid in full - draft order for the slow email 3RD ROUND REVERSAL draft will be randomized once we acquire 2 more great owners and they have submitted payment). Payouts (100%) after small MFL fee.

Guillotine Format = Lowest score for any particular week is eliminated. Caveat being that all his/her players then go to free agent pool for blind bidding.

Breaking Bad theme with some unique scoring.
Teams Available: Crystal Blue Persuasion / Skinny Pete and the Badgers.
Please see links below.
If interested then please EMAIL me (Daniel) ---- NFLMAN69@gmail.com




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