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H2H, $30, non-playoff League (1 Viewer)

BT's Rule

This is not a traditional league. This league is designed for players that want to try something different, with some interesting challenges, at a low cost.

Are you tired of the same old snake drafts? Same old auction drafts? Same old line ups?

Isn't it frustrating to work hard every week, all season, and then lose in the playoffs due to starters sitting and backups playing??

I've commissioned a league for seven years and its the same 'ol, same 'ol....

How about something different??!

I'm calling this the Double Down League.

12 teams (or 10)


Hosted on Yahoo


No Keepers

No Playoffs

No trades

League Safe holds money

The twist is in the lineup!!


2 QB

2 RB

2 WR

2 Flex (r/w/t)

2 TE

2 Kickers

2 Def

5 bench

Standard fractional scoring

Play weeks 1-13 only

$30 entry


Weekly high points: $10

1st place: $125

2nd place: $60

3rd place: $45

Obviously, if there are only 10 teams the payouts will change.

On line Draft. Draft date and time will be a team decision that works for everybody.

If you're interested, please PM me or send email to Leacjuneb@yahoo.com

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