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Half PPR decisions needed (1 Viewer)


Need a WR, RB and flex out of these:

  • Woods vs Bucs
  • Patterson @ Giants (RB/WR eligible in my league)
  • Hunt vs Bears
  • White vs Saints
  • Mattison vs Seahawks

Was fairly set on Woods/Hunt/White, but with Cook likely out it brings Mattison into the equation. I'm a slight underdog so could probably use some upside, also have Edwards, Patrick and Renfrow on the bench but I don't see either of those games being game script friendly for receivers so not including them as realistic options. Cheers for replies



Woods - feel good about the shootout, they also can't rely on the run game you have to beat TB through the air. 

White - PPR machine and offers a safe floor and is currently a low key RB18 through the air and it looks consistent usage in the role. 

Continue to look at the news on Cook, if it looks like Dalvin is not going to play, I don't see you having a good alt. cept for Woods who I think you should play regardless. If you are underdog of your match and need big points it might be worth rolling w/ Mattison.

Tough decision, smart play is to just start Hunt but Mattison outcome is just risk tolerance if underdog, I think Mattison is the answer tho. 


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