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Health Insurance Cost Question (1 Viewer)


So my son and I were out walking the grandson this morning and started talking about his finances (he's 26, engaged, w/ a 6 month old). They just bought a house and are trying to learn to live inside of their budget.

So we started talking about insurance. I work for a Fortune 500 company and have 4 different insurance plan options (self, self/children, and family). I'm on the middle plan for self/child (19 yo college student) because we are both pretty healthy. Cost is $109/2 weeks. I know I've got a pretty good deal.

Son works for a large national non-profit..... his medical for JUST him and child is $356/2 weeks. Childs mother is still covered by her parents insurance (as she's not 26 yet). So he's paying over $6K more / year than I am.

Insurance via the non profit for himself would be FREE, but adding the child is a huge cost. My guess is the non profit is either 1) thinking you'll be single and have a great benefit, or 2) be married and your spouse can cover you. But they are not in the business of running a deficit, and healthcare is a cost that they can manipulate.

I was amazed at how much his policy costs. It is MORE than my employers most expense option by $350/month

They make too much to qualify for any of the government plans.

I don't think private healthcare would be any cheaper. He is a member of an Indian tribe (from the ex's side of the family), so I've told him to look into those options (as I know that his uncle utilized them in Nebraska) but you have to accept going to certain "clinics" which may not please the fiancee.

Any options I'm missing?
You also need to compare in/out network, deductible, maximum out of pocket costs, coverage and co pays.

Yes it's possible to have the same and still pay more since the company did not subsidize as much. My wife plan is pretty cheap it's about 200 biweekly. But our back end costs are higher compared to similar plan at my job. If we ever switch I'll get BCBS even though it's almost 3x the cost monthly.

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