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Help me choose a rb to start and help me choose a flex player to start ..Huge game your help gets mine (1 Viewer)


 ok guys .. need for you guys to help me choose the correct rb to start and in section 2 from whoever is left over a flex player 

Who to start at Rb choose 1

ppr =1 point

tds 10

1 point for every 10 yards total

100 yard rusher =50

Drake vs Ne

White vs Mia

Peterson vs Giants

Justin Jackson vs Cinci

Who to start at Flex from left over rbs on above list and players on this lost ..choose 1

ppr=1 point 

every 10 total yards is 1 

10 points a td

100 yard wr is 5 bonus and 100 rusher 5 points

Whoever you didnt choose from rb field above




Justin jackson

Jeffrey vs Dal

Reynolds vs CHi


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I say White for sure.  That’s why I’m iffy on Michel.  Agreed about the RBs over the WRs for the last spot.  Jackson would be my ne t choice, then ADP.


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