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Help with selecting a keeper (1 Viewer)


1 PPR, 12 team league. I am in the 9th slot. I can keep M Gordon as a 2nd round pick, or D Hopkins as a 3rd. With my league settings, Hopkins is WR2, 7th overall and Gordon is RB6, 8th overall. My thought is to keep Gordon, as Hopkins is likely to be available to me in the first (most others in my league go heavy on RB). My do you think?

I think I would rather have a first, second and Hopkins, than a first, 3rd and Gordon. With people keeping their studs the drop off from 2nd to 3rd round becomes more significant.

I'd keep Hopkins. You'll be able the get a RB in the 1st and 2nd that way whereas if you keep Gordon, you might get Hopkins back in the 1st but there will be a bigger drop off come the 3rd round.

Hopkins for sure.....


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