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JAK Straw

He had 33 solos and 10 assists last year, along with 6 sacks; FBG projects him for similar this year, and Jene has him listed as a DL3 with matchup DL2 upside. All that said, he's got 1 solo and 2 assists so far. Why the lack of production? I don't see him on the injury report and he's shown as the starter. Has there been a scheme change of some kind?

I wonder the same thing. It's also worth noting that Pro Football Focus projects him as the number 7 overall defensive lineman for week 3, and the number one defensive tackle. This coming after two weeks of basically no production. Sounds to me like his first two weeks may have just been a fluke and that his stock is still relatively high. I'm still starting him in my league that requires a defensive tackle.

This is pure conjecture, but the line has not played well at all. If it weren't for Jennings and Tillman playing out of their minds, the D-Line would be getting hammered in the media. I think a lot has to do with Peppers. He has been invisible this year. I think the lack of attention on him is hurting the other guys. That being said, Sunday nights matchup is as juicy as it gets,,,


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