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Hero RB Draft : Am I insane to think this may work? (1 Viewer)


Drafted on back turn in a 12 Team PPR League last night. All my main RB targets were gone so went Swift / Lamb at the top.

From there RB options never surfaced until mid-late rounds. Only NEED to start one RB...

QB: J Hurts
WR: J Jefferson (Keeper)
WR: C Lamb
RB: D Swift
TE: D Schultz
W/R/T: C Sutton
W/R/T: A Robinson a
K : G Joseph
TD: Giants (first 2-4 weeks)

T Lance
K Hunt / J Cook / D Pierce / D Henderson
J Jones / K Toney / S Moore

Big fan of Schultz at TE this year

I know I'll need to work the wire for RB options, and possibly may get so bad as I'll need to trade from WR depth to get RB help at some point....

All that said, curious for thoughts on the team (specifically the RB situation)

TIA 👊🏼
With the need to only start 1 RB I think you are fine. If you need to start 2 or more then this could be a problem if things don't break right.

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