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High Scoring 2-QB, PPR, 11th-Yr Keeper League, FREE on ESPN (1 Viewer)

NFL PrimeTime

It's an 11th year keeper(3) & PPR league; the FREE league has 10 teams & each team utilizes up to 2 QB's. You must be COMMITTED, ACTIVE & ATTEND the LIVE draft. The draft is set for Wed. Sep. 5 @ 11:00 pm (est) on ESPN. To view the league and get more info please go to


HIGH LAND >> 1. P. Rivers 2. D. Freeman 3. D. Hopkins >> 10th pick

other options are: D. Carr, P. Mahomes, L. McCoy, D. Baldwin, B. Cooks, Tyreek Hill

Underdog No More! >> 1. D. Watson 2. Le'Veon Bell 3. M. Thomas >> 6th pick

other options are: M. Mariota, Le'Veon Bell, S. Diggs, L. Fitzgerald, T. Kelce


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