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How do you tell if a league is legit to join? (1 Viewer)


I would like to join a league with random people. However what is the best way to determine it is safe? I see leaguesafe is used, however if the commissioner says all money goes to him, regardless if he wins then you are screwed I think.

Can anyone please advise? I would love to do 1-2 more leagues including one auction.


Honestly, it's difficult. However, if you can see that other people vouch for the person running the league that always makes things more legit. For instance, I have less than 20 posts on here and so few would probably be hesitant to join a league I was running. However, on another board which I have been a part of for almost 10 years, I run 4 leagues on there and am a part of another 4. So as soon as I post that I have an opening, it's immediately filled. When people learn that they can trust you, it's much easier and vice-versa. But you do have to start from somewhere.

I was also in a league with a guy for over 5 years and I trusted him as he was always prompt with payouts and ran a tight league. However, he had his own business and one year his business took a major hit and he kept all the monies he had collected and was never heard from again.

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I definitely wouldn't do any league with random people unless they used leaguesafe (or a similar service, if there is another). With the majority approval option, it certainly makes it safer but not foolproof. One of the things I like about myfantasyleague.com is that you can see the previous years of the league from the first pull down menu. If the league has been running a number of years, it is (in my opinion) a bit safer and more trustworthy.

If I had a choice though, I'd rather have a league locally with friends, etc. and have a real live in-person draft.


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