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How to make a reasonable offer for Myles Garrett? (1 Viewer)


I play in an 8-team (yes, small league) dynasty IDP league.  I am looking to try and trade for Myles Garrett, if possible.  I have never been good at evaluating trades or trade proposals.  It's a lot of info, but appreciate any help/advice/suggestions I receive.  The other owner has pretty much mortgaged his future, as he is without a 1st and 2nd round pick for the next two years.  We start:

  • 1 QB (going to two next year)
  • 1 RB
  • 1 WR
  • 3 RB/WR/TE flex
  • 1 PK
  • 2 DL
  • 2 LB
  • 2 DB
My roster:

QB's: Darnold, Sam, Keenum, Case, Mahomes, Patrick, Smith, Alex, Wentz, Carson 

RB: Carson, Conner, Edmonds, Elliott, Howard, Hyde,Johnson Kerryon, McCoy, Mixon, Williams Jamaal

WR: Cole, Hill Tyreek, Hilton, Jones Julio, Landry, Pettis Dante, Ross, Sutton, Watkins

PK: Butker, 

DL:  Casey, Hunter, Lawrence, Pierre-Paul

LB:  Foster, Hitchens, Martinez, Smith Roquan, Williams Vince, Woodyard

DB:  Berry, Cravens, Neal, Peppers, Tartt 

Other Owner's roster:

QB: Allen Josh, Brees, Carr, Jackson, Trubisky

RB: Ajayi, Ballage, Bell, Breida, Coleman

WR: Adams, Anderson Robby, Coleman Corey, Crabtree, Edelman, Evans, Fountain Daurice, Fuller Will, Gallup, Miller Anthony, Parker, Sanu, Stills, Valdes-Scantling 

TE: Ertz, Reed

PK: Prater

DL: Vea, Ansah,Barnett, Garrett, Jordan Dion

LB: Alexander, Evans Rashaan, Okoronkwo, Watt, T.J.

DB: Alexander Jaire, Fuller Kyle, White Tre'Davious, Maye Marcus

Will take any suggestions on what a good opening offer would be to try and get Garrett.

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Helps that with your starters you don't necessarily need Garrett, so you don't have to sell the farm. 

You could look back to see where Garrett went in his draft, and offer a similar pick plus a later one in next year's draft.  But if this owner is in the habit of turning picks into assets, as his previous behavior suggests, he isn't likely to value the picks enough to do the deal.

Personally, I'd probably open with an emailed "interested in Garrett, what would you be looking for," though that comes with the risk of letting him set the market...defining the starting point in negotiations can be an advantage.

If he's truly going for broke on a championship, offer McCoy for Garrett+ might get a solid response.

You could see if he's high enough on Cole or Ross to consider those.

Really too many possibilities to make much more than stabs in the dark without having some sort of working relationship with the guy to know what his aims are and what his teambulding strategy is.

Appreciate the input.  Best thing may just be to see what he is looking for.  If it's too rich, then I'll pass.  

I think the other guy has a weakness at DL so it will be very hard to pry Garrett away.  Typically I like to target a team that has a strength in an area that I could use help.  That being said he have a strong DL trio with Hunter, Lawerence and JPP.  It would be nice to add Garrett but i don't think it's a need.  

I would start by seeing if he is even willing to part with him.


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