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I need RB2 help. Do I make this trade? (1 Viewer)


I like my team, except my my RBs after JT. I thought Chase Edmonds would be suffice, but now Mostert is outsnapping him. Here's my roster:

JT, Edmonds, McKissic, Hines, Gus Exswards(IR)
Evans, MWilliams, Bateman, Metcalf, Boyd, Gage, Palmer
Tampa Bay Def

I still thnk Pitts comes around, but there's an owner who is interested in him and we are discussing options. He threw out David Montgomery and Pat Friermuth for Pitts and DK. I have a feeling that once I trade Pitts, that's when he'll start going nuts, but I also need RB help. To get you gotta give. Thoughts?

12 man league, PPR.

Thanks in advance and I'll answer yours if provided a link.


I like that trade for you.....plus I have Pitts so I need him to turn it around and if you trading him away will jump start that happening I am all for it....hahahaha

In all seriousness, I think it's a solid trade for you but that is with the caveat that I don't know your lineup requirements and whether or not DK is a loss for you.


Once you take the names out and look at projections, the trade becomes more palatable. Montgomery brings stability to your backfield and Friermuth is a low TE1. Pitts of course could break out but thus far the Drake has been far more productive on a per routes run basis. I worry a little about the back end of your WR core, becomes a little bit of a dart throw on a week to week basis...but I'm basing that on FY projections. And WRs are always easier to stream than RBs in PPR.

Take a look when you have a sec: https://forums.footballguys.com/threads/trade-proposed-is-it-enough.806372/

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