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IDP advice (1 Viewer)

Who would you take?

  • Patrick Kerney

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  • Dan Morgan

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  • Julian Peterson

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  • D.J. Williams

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1 pt. per tackle, 3 pts. per sack or fumble recovery, 2 pts. per INT or forced fumble.Who would you take?

I voted for Kearney, he makes alot of big plays which your pt system rewards for and will get good tackle #s for a linemanPeterson is coming off an injury and in a 3-4 nowMorgan-good when he is on the field, but has a hard time staying thereDJ-I like him, but he is strong side LB now which usually hurts the stats, I think Ian Gold is the Denver LB to have

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In your scoring system, Dan Morgan makes the most sense. Even if Morgan regresses from last year and nets only 110 tackles for season (he had a 102 tackles in only 12 games last year), Kerney's monster '04 season of 66 tackles and 13 sacks would still be eclipsed.

I voted for Morgan over Kearney and the others. Morgan as a MLB will get more tackles than a DL. He is injury prone but you never can project who could get hurt. Any of them could get hurt at anytime. If it were me I'd take Morgan.


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