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IDP and trade evaluations for offensive players (1 Viewer)


How do you guys trade in IDP? Do you have personal boundaries when it comes to trading offense for defense players?

I always feel like I'm giving too much up when offering an offensive player for IDP's as it just seems so much easier in redrafts to plug and play an IDP in worst case scenarios.


WR 2 = LB1

RB3 = LB1 ?

I mean, just as examples, what if you have a start 5 rb 1 idp league --- are you going to trade any rb for any idp?

my 2 leagues start 6 idp total, which includes a flex, fairly standard 12 man.

I think that's kind of shallow, whereas we usually scounge for offensive players, so i wouldn't be too interested in a trade like this unless it was watt.

I think jene bramel cooked up some industry league where watt was the first guy drafted, so in his case maybe the idp player has much more weight, but it really comes down to scarcity and scoring.

I am commish in a 12 team dynasty league with salary cap. We roster 53 players including offensive linemen. IDP's score as much as offensive players. It is easier to find defensive players so they are worth less. Most owners value offensive players higher but this can change when you look at salary cap number of a player. I always feel out an owner and see who they are willing to trade. MFL has a section for trade bait. Knowing who a owner doesn't value makes it easier not to overpay. Older players can be bargains if you know who to look for.


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