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IDP "Formation" Question (1 Viewer)


One of the neat aspects of our complicated league is that we can run different IDP formations. For example, we can start:* 1DL, 2LB, and 4DB; or* 2DL, 2LB, and 3DB; or* 3DL, 2LB and 2DB (never more than 2 LB)Here are the players from whom I would choose:DL StrahanDL DeMarcus Ware (listed as a DL in our league)DL KGB**********************LB Mike PetersonLB London Fletcher**********************DB Madieu Williams DB Tony ParrishDB Darren SharperDB Erik Coleman Scoring is complicated:DL: T= 3.5; A=1.75; Increasing bonus for 5+ tackles; Sack=9; INT=10; FF= 3; FR=10; PD=1LB: T=2.25; A=1; Increasing bonus for 8+ tackles; Sack=12; INT=10; FF=2.5; FR=10; PD=1DB: T=2; A=0.75; Increasing bonus for 5+ tackles; Sack=6; INT=10; FF=1.5; FR=10; PD=4.5I have found that DBs are the hardest to figure out early in the season (except for a few standards), so I am leaning towards 3-2-2 for week one. SO:* Should I start my 3 DL over 3 DB in this league?* If only 2 DL, which two?* Given that, which 2 or 3 DBs should I start?THANKS!

I would go for the sacks on the DL. 1 sack and it's 12.5 points for that one play. Get a forced fumble kind of sack and you get 15.5 pts! It's a boom or bust kind of strategy, but I think the payoff is bigger with the DL you've drafted. I hate DBs, can never depend on the INTs. You're simply strong at DL, though KGB can kill ya some weeks. Strahan gets tackles and sacks. Ware is gonna get tackles cause he's LB.

Start the minimun number of DL as possible. In you case, start 1-2-4. If you could start more LBs, do it. If not, start the 4 DBs.


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