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Idp novice question (1 Viewer)


We only start a db

1 pt tackle

3 sack

.5 asst

I have pollard it's a 12 team league

Anyone have a list of week 9 top 15-20 I could look at?

I'm starting pollard but could pick up a lot of guys

Weekly Rankings for IDP:



Not positive how up to date they are for week 9, yet. But usually are by Wed pm, if not already.

Note they will be as inaccurate as everybody else, as IDP is quite unpredictable, especially for DBs, and varies tremendously based on scoring system.

Gotta like Pollard quite a bit this week vs STL with their new found run game and Clemons serving up picks.

Status of Zac Stacy could matter here.

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