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Hey there everyone. Im facing a dilemma in week 4- with Jason Taylor out on the Bye and a lack of confidence in Kawika Mitchell- and im wondering if any of the above were good pickups Here is my roster: I know Bosch wont be a great option against INDY but does it hurt to start him with the amount of points awarded for sacks? The best option as a free agent is Greg Ellis and Will Smith. Also Im a little worried about Kawika Mitchell- all signs pointed to a great game in Denver but no dice. Hes dropped off in production in the last few weeks and im wondering if i should pick up some backup in case. Brad Kassell, because of his terrible week 3, is avalible. Please let me know.As well, which 5 should i start- its a minimum of 1 at each position with 2 flexes.Thanks. Will answer yours in turn. (Start 5)DL Kyle Vanden Bosch, TENDL Jason Taylor, MIALB Donnie Edwards, SDLB Kawika Mitchell, KCLB Odell Thurman, CINDB Adam Archuleta, STLDB Antonie Winfield, MINDB Charles Tillman, CHIScoring is pretty standard: 1pt- tackle (.5pt- assist) 4pt- sack (2pt- 1/2sack)Pass Defensed- 1pts., INT- 2pts, Touchdown- 6pts

Pick up Will Smith. He's facing Buffalo this week. Their O-Line isn't exemplary.Normally I'd say do with the Dutch but that Indy matchup is horrible. If you're making a move simply for a starter this week Will Smith is your guy. Not to mention he shouldn't disappoint in most weeks anyway.


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