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IDP rankings/projections request (1 Viewer)


my waivers go through tuesday night and on wednesday morning im up early attempting to cherry pick available IDP FAs that the rest of the league hasnt gotten to yet because they dont wake up as early.


i still am not comfortable with my own predictions and trust heavily in the rankings here at FBG for my IDP.

rotoworld has theirs up before i even make wire moves on tuesday night but i trust them like i trust pacman jones in a strip club.

id like to make a request to FBG for help with our waiver/FA p/u's before wednesday? por favor? even late tuesday night is fine...

Thanks for the feedback.

This issue is always a double-edged sword. Putting together the projections before the bulk of the coming weeks injury news comes out leads to inaccurate numbers in many cases -- often for those players who are potential waiver pickups -- given that nearly 500 players are being projected every week. The later we release them, the more league deadlines pass.

The projections were released late Tuesday nights earlier in the season. I'm unaware of the reasons why they've been pushed back to Wednesday AM, but Tuesday evening may again be a possibility this season or next.

It's always worth checking Aaron Rudnicki's Upgrades and Downgrades column every Wednesday afternoon. It's an extensive look at the those players whose value is changing the most each week.

thank you for the response

ps keep up the good work with the idp podcast...i never miss it.


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