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Jumped into a 24 team IDP startup. Standard PPR scoring.
8 offensive starters: QB/2-RB/3-WR/TE/Flex
9 defensive starters: 2-DE/DT/3-LB/2-CB/S
Kicker and punter
42 roster spots

Have not done an IDP startup in over a decade. Thinking about offense only for first 10-12 rounds and eschewing stud IDP. Are there elite IDP that would be worth taking over offensive positions between rounds 5-10?
Main defensive scoring settings:
2/1 for tackles/assists
2 for TFL
5 for sacks with 0.05 for sack yardage
3/2 for INT/PD

Would appreciate any input as how to value IDP in the current landscape. Thanks in advance.
I am assuming your positions are true positions (OLB in 3-4 are considered DE). If this is the case we have been discussion relative value in one of the other threads in here.

It seems in this situation off ball ILB that are three down guys (Oluokun, Roquan, Bolton, etc) are premium and where you should look first and make sure you get one of the top 3-5 guys. DE now have good depth so it's not as critical because the drop off isn't as much. Now with your scoring (the other thread was tackle heavy scoring) sack guys will return value due to the sack yard points so having 12-15 sack a year guys will be beneficial as well.

As far as when to start will depend on your league. I wouldn't be the first to pounce but once someone does I would look to grab 2 of the top 5 off ball LB's because there just aren't many of them at that elite level. After that I would go DE once the top 5 ish come off depending on how your offense looks. DB's I would treat like kickers. Don't use high capital on them.
Holy cow that's alot of roster spots for a 24 team league. A very interesting league indeed!

I'd personally be looking for sack masters with that scoring. Elite edge rushers such as Parsons, Crosby or TJWatt should start to go around pick 50 or sooner, which would be the beginning to early round 3 in a 24 team league.

Elite LBs, Roquan/Oluokun, should go late 3rd to early 4th round, depending on strategy. I'd be less on Olly and leaning more toward the Roquan side with the sack bonus. Look for Kaden Ellis later. He'll start next to Anderson in ATL and if he can replicate the sacks he had in NO, he should be gold in that league. Keep Anderson on you radar as well if you decide to go offense heavy through 5 rounds or more. They both shoukd be on the field alot.

Round 5 will be 120 picks deep into the draft!

It'd be extremely tough for me to select past the 15th round let alone fill 18-19 spots with 24 selections each round. Did I read you need a kicker and a punter!?!?

The key here will be to dig deep. Those rosters are huge and every player will be taken! Make a long list by position and mark off as you go. The person best prepared should win this league. Although injury would send pretty much any team off a cliff, as there will be no back ups available.

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