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If only there was room on my roster to keep that deep stash rookie (1 Viewer)


In my league there is. If you find yourself having to drop that drafted player or FA pickup that you know is gonna hit because you simply have to cut down your rosters to make room for coaches, punters, kickers, and other useless commodities, then maybe you'll be interested in what I have to offer.

  • Full IDP rosters
  • 60-man rosters (which includes 10-man "non-starter" Taxi Squad)
  • Bench Scoring
  • Superflex and TE premium
  • PPR varied by position
  • Premium on scouting (slim waiver wires)
  • 20-team league with large starting rosters
This league is for that small segment of dynasty players that always wished their league was deeper and allowed for long-term player development. If you are one of those people, hopefully you can stop searching.

This league has 12 fully paid owners ready to go. Some are even sane. Dues are $75/year and there is a first year $75 mandatory deposit to allow for long-term rookie pick trading.




I wish you allowed for more starting lineup flexibility and had a league theme w/cohesive graphics, then you could twist my arm. 


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