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I'm calling it here...... Beckett's game 6 will be (1 Viewer)


There is no way he ####s the bed here. Coming off his death bed to win one for the Nation, Beckett will pitch a game worthy of enshrining his image in stained glass at Fenway Church right next to that of Saint Schill. I'm predicting seven innings, no runs, 3 hits, 1 BB and 9 K's. This is it and will be toasted in New England sports lore as Beckett's Bloody Sock game. Discuss.

You didn't state if they win the game or not. Kazmir just pitched a very similar game and the Rays lost.

And I'm still not totally convince Beckett will be starting Game 6.

Whole lotta reverse jinx attempts in the baseball forum these days.... such a superstitious lot.

Beckett is injured. I'd not even be THAT surprised if they wen't byrd here (the likely won't... just sayin).


Not accurately entirely on the numbers....but accurate on both the outcome, the spirit of the pitching performance and the storyline the media will use.



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