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I'm looking for a league (1 Viewer)


Hi, I'm experienced in fantasy football and I'm looking to do one or two more leagues $25-$100 . I prefer ppr , snake order but wouldn't mind trying auction. Please email me at luismolina330@gmail.com

Looks like a fit.


As the title states we have a few openings for a 4th year redraft with all funds being handled through league safe with 100% payouts.

The league website is: http://games.espn.go...1&seasonId=2013

If you would like to join write in the chatbox on the website and leave your email for an invite or respond here.

I am thinking that the draft will most likely be Tuesday or Wednesday the 3rd or 4th of September around 8:30 EST. Draft order will be determined by a random order generator from footballguys.com website. From there we will being the draft order selection process where the randomized #1 will select their draft position followed by #2 ect.

First and foremost, this is a $75 money league. 12 team H2H format with 3 divisions.
The scoring and settings is set up like your basic fantasy football league. The only difference is all tds are 6pts. and its a PPR (1pt) league.

The 3 division winners and 3 best wildcard records will advance to playoffs. Top 2 division winners receive first-round byes.

All funds will be handled through leaguesafe.com and payouts are 100%.
The payouts are:

1st - $430
2nd - $220
3rd - $120

Top weekly score $10 (13 weeks)
Total Payout - $900 ($75 x 12 teams)


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