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Its SABBY TIME! (1 Viewer)

He's looked good from what I've seen this year. (I watch every Bucs game)

Looks like a typical Bucs D player: tough, gritty, likes to hit people, capable of making big plays.

Hook Em said:
Does Sabby have any upside? I don't know anything about him.
Plenty of upside. The position has had value in recent years as Monte Kiffin has dialed up the aggressiveness of his play calling and Piscitelli has been very productive in limited time. Should have starting value in leagues that start three DBs and could have DB2 upside.
I've been waiting for this day. I remember Jermaine Phillips job was in jeopardy last season when this guy was playing lights out in the preseason. Jermaine did come through as the victor though and recorded like 85 solos that year during the season, both are great players. This guy can very well produce on your team for the next 4-6 weeks, grab him, he's a hard hitter with play making ability... has a serious nose for the ball.

Sabby's available in my league - just had a bye week and has a juicy matchup vs. MIN this week. If Phillips were to remain injured - I'm thinking he could be a good pickup. Right now I am using Chris Hope, Sean Jones and Yeremiah Bell. I dropped Ndukewe because of the bye week and might not get him back. The Bucs' playoff schedule in weeks 14-16 looks nice too - @CAR, @ ATL, SDG. Week 17 vs. OAK not as good.

Even when Sabi was in earlier in the year with the job all to himself his numbers weren't too hot...Hmmm I wonder if he is worth anything...


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