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Jacobs for Dobbins? (1 Viewer)


Trying to build for the playoffs. Tinkering a bit lol...maybe to much. Just trying to keep up with the big dogs in the league. Should I, or hold

Dionte Johnson and JK Dobbins for Keenan Allen, Josh Jacobs and TE(Njoku or Gesicki)

Current team
QB Mahomes, Pickett, Trubisky, Zappe
RB CMC, Dameon Peirce, Rhamondre Stevenson, JK Dobbins, Tony Allgeier, Kyren Williams
WR Chase, Waddle, Johnson, Higgins, Pickens, OBJ, Shakir
TE Waller, Hurst, Bellinger
PK Maher, Hopkins
DT Broncos, Seahawks

PPR/Salary cap/Dynasty
10yards receiving =1pt
10yards rushing =1pt

Starting requirements QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, Flex (RB/WR), Flex (WR/TE), PK, DT
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What are the starting requirements? Do you think Dobbins knee injury is a long term issue that will keep him down next year as well?

On the surface I would keep Dobbins/Johnson as you likely don't need Dobbins as he is RB4 for you. Your WR's are nice too so Allen likely is WR4 as well. I am not sure this helps your starting lineup and may hurt you in the following years.


Gally is the man. On the surface, it seems like a slam dunk, but I think I would rather have the younger players in Dionte and Dobbins. You can win the league now with that lineup without jeopardizing your future.


IMO I think this trade helps you. I have Dobbins and I'd rather have Jacobs who is running hard and seemingly getting 85+% of the snaps. Balt backfield is messy. K.Allen when healthy should outproduce Johnson.

Good luck either way.

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