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Kamara for M Thomas & Kittle or alternative (1 Viewer)


In a 10 team keep 3 PPR league QB RB RB WR WR Flex TE K DEF.  Tied for 1st place but just lost OJ Howard yesterday and my 2nd receiver position is a mess.

My roster:

Big Ben, Fitztragic

Gurley, Kamara, D Johnson, Connor, Ingram

T Hill, C Davis, Cooper, Lockett, Sutton, Godwin, DJ Moore

OJ Howard

So I've already been offered M Thomas for Gurley or Kamara.  He also has Kittle so I'd want him included to sweeten the deal.  This owner is dead in the water so he's playing for next year.  Another owner is struggling as well and has Kelce and Keenan Allen.

Would you offer Kamara or Gurley for Thomas and Kittle?  I think I have to pull the trigger, if I don't get something done, I'm gonna struggle to win it all this year, and then I'm gonna lose a really good RB anyway after the season.

Not sure D Johnson or Connor will get me Kelce, but maybe that's my first play?  What about Kamara/Gurley for Kelce/Allen?  Are we feeling good about K Allen for ROS?


That's too rich. If D. Johnson is David and not Duke try and move him instead for Kelce (The Kelce owner will probably reject) or Kittle-Yes you would be overpaying for Kittle, however given your keeper rules and starting requirements I think you'd be better off and the other owner should go for it. Leave Michael Thomas out of the trade equation, you are already well off at WR.


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