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Keeper Help - Pick 2 (1 Viewer)


Full PPR 10 team league. These players will be my first and second round picks. All teams must pick two.

Pick 2 : Dalvin Cook, Ceedee Lamb, Travis Kelce



I am taking cook and Kelce. WR is a very deep position this year. TE is a deeper position than it has been in the past for sure but Kelce has the chance to be uber elite even within that. I think he can put up elite WR numbers from the TE spot. I think lamb is a quality player for sure and i think he is a top 8 or so WR this year, but i think you can find WR production, i think you keep Kelce,

If this were a guy like waller or kittle or even Andrews id say to keep Lamb. Kelce for this season has a chance to put up unreal numbers from the TE spot during a year where we have a ton of value at WR.

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