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Keeper help! (1 Viewer)


Hey everyone,

So my keeper you keep in the round you drafted the previous year...My choices at this point are

David Johnson Round 1


Deshaun Watson Round 10

10 team / .5 PPR / I'm in the 5th slot....

Assuming I take Watson my first round available pick will look like below....

RB's that should be available in that slot will be Gordon/Fournette

WR's that should be available in that slot will be Jones/Allen/Beckham

I'm currently leaning towards Johnson, however I haven't liked how my mocks have turned out. Im wondering if keeping Watson at 10 is enough value to move onto grabbing one of those 5 players I listed in the first round. Any help appreciated, looking for any kind of input to help me make this decision.

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Keep Johnson. In a 10 team there is no reason to keep a QB. You get a top 4 RB in the 5th spot. Not great value but a much better player than who you could draft in that spot.

Mark another vote for DJ.  No need to keep Watson.  Lots of QB value out there to pick up later in the draft.  Ensure you get one of the big 4.


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