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Keeper question Josh Allen or Nick Chubb ??? (1 Viewer)


10 man keeper league. Keep 2 players every year. PPR and all TD are 6pt including passing. Keeper value is what was paid and can keep as long as want. Im keeping Justin Jefferson $5 . my 2nd keeper is Nick Chubb $2 or Josh Allen $8  . $200 spending cap.  my thinking was Chubbs for the past few years since I got so cheap and Im usually a RB oriented drafter . But with PPR and 6 point all TD Im considering Josh Allen at $8 still way cheap for value. Any thoughts would be appreciated. thanks 

Having all TD's worth six actually diminishes running QB's value a bit.  How many people keep QB's and what are top tier QB's prices compared to top 15 RB prices?  The answer to those two questions will give you clarity on who to keep.

Another question I have is how large is your roster.  $200 cap and you can keep Jefferson for $5?  That's a crazy low number for an auction league.  

I would think all TDS 6pts help QB such as Allen, not sure how that diminishes QB value a bit?  but this is why I was asking as normally I would never value QB higher than a RB. And since both keeper value about the same Chubb $2 and Josh Allen $8 I was considering going form my normal RB approach and float QB.  Bi value most likely for this auction I would expect both Chubb and Allen to go around $30 give or take so about the same.

Also this is 10 team league. PPR all TD 6pt. Roster 16 spots . 8 starters 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR 1 flex(rb, wr, te) K , Def

Jefferson was only $5 because he was won and bid on before he blew up and you keep the player and the value of the last auction winning bid. So hit that player cheap before he has good year and benifit the reward for years to come.

I would keep Allen. You can keep him for $8 for years to come. Chubb is great at $2 but his window is shorter.....

Also, it's a 10 team league with pretty shallow lineup. You win these leagues with stars. Chubb is a really good RB but he's not elite in a PPR format. Allen is the #1 QB and you can make an argument that Jefferson is the #1WR (and he's the #1WR in dynasty right now).

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