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Keeper Question (1 Viewer)


I need to clear up one space on my keeper list in a 10 team 1 point ppr league.  You can keep anyone picked in the tenth round or later (or undrafted free agents) as long as you want with no penalty.

I have four running backs on my roster and I need to drop one.  Kenyan Drake, Tarik Cohen, Jamaal Williams, and Devontae Booker.

I know, not world beaters, but RB will be my top focus in the draft.

I believe Drake and Cohen are probably keepers.  That would leave Williams and Booker to choose between.

I guess I want to know who do you think has the most potential value this year or in the future?


I agree with Beerbuff.  Booker is going to play some this year but it will dwindle as the year goes on.  I also wouldn't have a problem dropping J Williams as I think Aaron Jones will eventually take that job. 


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