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Keeper Question (1 Viewer)


12 team standard league. I'm out of the playoffs so I'm looking ahead to next year. We get 2 keepers.  Should I trade away Gurley, who I'd get in the 1st round (pick 3-6) next year for Conner, who I'd get in the 6th round next year, 5th the year after, 4th the year after that, etc.? 


With that few keepers I treat it more like a redraft and keep the best players unless there is such a huge difference in round and it may afford me the opportunity to get the better player (or equal) by keeping someone else.  That isn't the case here.  Gurley is by far player #1 and is still a value at pick 1.03-1.06.  Keep Gurley

It's tempting.  Conner would be amazing value for a 6th round pick.

But I couldn't pull the trigger, for exactly what Gally said.  If you had the 1st pick, then sure, keep Conner and draft Gurley at 1.01.  But drafting between 3-6, you will never get Gurley back.  I want Gurley on my team irregardless to where I drafted him.  He's that good.  While Conner has been great, there still is a WIDE margin between Conner and Gurley.

Keep Gurley and Michel and be happy.  Michel is nice value for a 6th rounder.


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