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second-round OLB Kyle Van Noy:

Van Noy, the 40th pick, is expected to start at strong-side linebacker on early downs before moving to left end on passing downs -per Roto

When my friend Ryan Riddle, Cal's all-time sack leader, says outside linebacker Kyle Van Noy has great instincts, that’s a player I want to watch.

"Some things in football cannot be coached. When it comes to play making instincts, you either have it or you don’t," says Riddle about Van Noy’s play-making abilities that he describes as "off the charts."

"I like to compare him to a linebacker version of Tyrann Mathieu in terms of his ability to be incredibly disruptive by knowing exactly how and when to take chances." -per Matt @ '


Im not hoping to change anyones view/ranking w this post (just a heads up) But Im kinda liking what I see, and have read so far.. I believe quite a few know the Lions have a bit of a DLine :football: ..

Do you believe Van Noy adds an extra dimension (playmaker of sorts) or an actual points producer, considering the fact that hes expected to play Strong side LB on a majority of snaps.

I havnt seen much "hype" on the player..

Should we expect an every down role? Should he have a LB/DL designation?

P.S. On a related/unrelated note! This was re-tweeted by the Dr. Nickel defenses on the rise as NFL's critical battles move to the slot http://www.si.com/nfl/2014/08/12/NFL-nickel-defense-slot-cornerbacks-chris-harris-bradley-roby-jimmie-ward

(Badger may be off PUP with-in a wk) sounds kinda interesting based on earlier reports >> But the Badger himself retweeted it (maybe mockingly?)

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