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Las Vegas Bowl-Cal versus BYU (1 Viewer)


Las Vegas Bowl- California versus BYU-more of the players I was interested in following were lineman, so I probably missed more things in other spots. Also most of the quality skill position players were underclassmen.


Ryan O’Callaghan OT 6'7' 355- Really big RT who appeared to handle his man in the run game and had decent feet when pass protecting. Guessing a 2nd rounder because he is a RT not a LT

Marvin Phillip OC 6'1 290- seemed to do a good job on the NT who looked bigger. Nice holes throughout the night along the OL. His type of player undersized, but good technical player usually goes around the 5th/6th round but often wind up as starters. Think he is in that category from what I saw tonight.

Harrison Smith S/CB 6'2 200- late round type but played a nice game with an interception and a couple of break ups...appeared to play on several special teams (did rough the punter)

Future watch Marshawn Lynch RB 5'11 200 (soph) good vision and quickness to the hole. Muscular looking build who plays (and looks) bigger than listed size and ran between the tackles a lot. Caught a couple of passes out the backfield also. 1st day type whenever he comes out.

DeSean Jackson WR (fresh)- explosive speed and quickness. On the small side, but could be very good.


Todd Watkins WR 6'3" 185 . Impressive player...thin but looks to have good speed and excellent body control. Made a full range of catches: one deep ball with an adjustment, one in traffic, one acrobatic. Guessing a 3rd/4th round type who will need to get stronger.

Vince Feula NT 6'1 305 was handled by Phillip IMO, probably a FA look at.

Manaia Brown DE- 6'2 315- out for the game. Had been invited to a post season game or two, but apparent won’t be able to play in those either. Did not here the why as out.

Future watch- Curtis Brown 6'0 205 (jr) productive similar build and style Lynch, but not as well known and not as good. Looks like a draftable player in the 2007 draft.

Note: Did not watch the Colorado State vs. Navy Poinsetta Bowl

coolnerd, this is a great service you're providing. i look forward to your writeups of the rest of the bowl games!

DT M. Brown has been injured a bunch lately. But he will get drafted. A solid prospect.WR T. Watkins has the speed to get drafted and will go up for the ball. Reminds me of Marvin Harrison. Has struggled with the dropsies from time to time.RB C. Brown will get some looks. A good runner with great recieving skills. What's that saying? Jack-of-all-trades but master of none? That's Brown. A lesser version of Luke Staley without the injuries.RB F. Tahi. Jerome Bettis with great hands. Dances too much sometimes and lacks vision. Can dish out a pounding. Notre Dame raved about him after he mashed them up good. If he ran like Bettis he could be the next Bettis but he's not there yet.Cal had some great underclassmen worth keeping an eye on.All I got from the CSU game is that their TE made some more plays. Don't know who he is or what year he is but I've been hearing about him for a year or so.

Marshawn Lynch is an amazing tackle breaking back. He is going to be great if he stays healthy. His back up, Forsett, a freshman, is also headed for the NFL. The freshman receiver, Desean Jackson, also has a very bright future. He'll be dominant in a couple years. None of these guys are draft eligible, just on the radar.Cal's two lineman, Phillip and O'Callaghan, both look like steals to me considering their current draft grades. I think O'Callaghan looks every bit as good as four or five tackles often graded higher, and Phillip is a very astute and powerful center. A player from Cal who has impressed me all year and is always around the ball is Pimentel. He's a 6-2 220 pound LB, who is fast enough to play safety. He's very athletic, has very long arms, soft hands and plays with great anticipation. If he's forced to play LB, I doubt he'll get much of a shot in the NFL, but if he moves to SS, he could be special.

coolnerd, this is a great service you're providing. i look forward to your writeups of the rest of the bowl games!
Thank you...As the games start crossing times I will probably miss a few.

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