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Last Query this season! Redraft (1 Viewer)


Lost my semi final I'm looking at you Etienne and Gay. So I play for 3rd which is still a cash prize.
14 Team PPR league. 3rd place play off... QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, K, FLex, Def
Its not promising I'm against a guy with Ford 25.10 points and CD Lamb, Kenneth Walker & Kamara
My defence however the Browns has put up a nice 13 points so far. Whats your suggested plays let me know guys?

QB - Lamar Jackson or Stroud?

2 RB slots, Etienne, Brian Robinson, Ty Chandler, TJ Spears, (Herbert is on a free pick up if thats any interest?)

2 WR slots, J'marr Chase if hes fit, Lockett, Palmer, Noah Brown, K Osborn, Shaheed.

Flex is dependant on who plays as my RB/WR

TE Kittle, K MccLaughlian (Sacked Gay after his crap showing in my semi no doubt he goes for 15 points this week :D ) Def: Browns

I am projected atm 106.61 Mr Opposition is projectged 115.77

Apprecaite any advice
Here is how I see it:

QB - Lamar. Can't sit him and it should be a high scoring game. Also, always risky going with someone coming off injury.
RB: ETN & Chandler: ETN has been bad but he is the best of your bunch. You gotta play him. Chandler would be 2nd choice as he seems to have taken over the job
WR: Chase & Osborn: Chase is in if he suits up if not then I probably go Shaheed and the upside since you are an underdog. Osborne is the easy choice for 2nd with no Hockenson and maybe no Addison.
Flex: Shaheed if Chase is in. If not, then I go Lockett. Just don't trust anybody else.
Thanks Gally.

I think I was leaning Lamar for the reasons you stated.

Osborn was not in my thoughts tbh with Jared Hall been confirmed as QB not sure what he gets.
Etienne and Chandler as you say it’s set up as a get right game for him and as for Chandler he has the volume.
I was thinking Lockett, Chase, with Shaheed as flex… though with Stroud back he should elevate Brown.

I guess I’m gonna wait till Sunday and see what the lay of the land is.

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