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Last Receiver Spot.... (1 Viewer)


Hey Guys -

Noodling on my last receiver spot in a 12 team ppr league (short bench).

Currently my WR6 is Philip Dorsett. After the dust settled from the week 1 waivers, Mike Williams and Chris Godwin are available on the wire.

I am a slight contrarian in thinking that Dorsett has the inside track to become Bradys preferred non RB/non TE target. As a die hard Pats fan I have watched Hogan weekly and think he is JAG who has trouble separating from top 3 corner backs. Also, I don't discount Dorsett much going forward because I think Edelman will take a step back - at his age coming back from a major surgery, and no longer taking his "supplements". His hands also looked shaky in the preseason. 

I would like to occupy the WR6 spot on my team with someone with the highest upside - and Godwin/Williams intrigue me based on their physical size/speed combo and presumed red zone prowess (both I view more favorably than Dorsett's). They also had a lot of hype coming into the season that I am trying not to be too much of an influence.

Currently I lean slightly Dorsett based on my assumption of his steady/ascending role as he builds more trust with Brady, and based on his offense being the most explosive and overall offering the most opportunity for fantasy.

Would love a second opinion. Thanks!

I think it's gotta be Godwin honestly.  Not buying the Dorsett hype train.  With Gronk, the RB's, Hogan and Edelman returning I forsee Dorsett being useless in a few weeks.  They also just signed Corey Coleman and it'd be just like the Pats to throw him on the field right away and give him targets.

Godwin is uber talented, DJax is banged up and defenses always key on Mike Evans.

Please see mine..................https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/770219-trading-for-a-qb-in-a-2qbsuperflex-league/

Got it. Possible I am seeing things with patriot colored glasses.

And to be thorough - my WR 1-6 are Cooper, Cooks, Goodwin, Golladay, Fuller, Dorsett.

Assume Dorsett is the guy you drop out of that group for Godwin?


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