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LEAGUE IS FULL!!! (1 Viewer)


I have 2 remaining openings in Killer Sharks Dynasty league which has been going for about 13 yrs now. League fees are $56 and are held in LeagueSafe.
Total pot of $600 which is 100% distributed.
League link - https://www47.myfantasyleague.com/2024/home/27368#0

Murray, Kyler ARI QB
Stroud, C.J. HOU QB
Wilson, Russell PIT QB
Smith, Geno SEA QB
Howell, Sam SEA QB
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QB
Flacco, Joe IND QB
Mullens, Nick MIN QB
Lance, Trey DAL QB
Pickett, Kenny PHI QB

McCaffrey, Christian SFO RB
Robinson, Bijan ATL RB
Swift, D'Andre CHI RB
Achane, De'Von MIA RB
Moss, Zack CIN RB
Mostert, Raheem MIA RB
Pacheco, Isiah KCC RB
Ekeler, Austin WAS RB
Harris, Najee PIT RB
Sanders, Miles CAR R
Allgeier, Tyler ATL RB
Edmonds, Chase TBB RB
Evans, Chris CIN RB
Wilson, Jeffery MIA RB
Abanikanda, Israel NYJ RB
Cook, Dalvin BAL RB
Foreman, D'Onta CLE RB
Ingram, Keaontay KCC RB
McKinnon, Jerick KCC RB
Miller, Kendre NOS RB
Breida, Matt NYG RB
Dowdle, Rico DAL RB
Gainwell, Kenneth PHI RB
Johnson, D'Ernest JAC RB

Jefferson, Justin MIN WR
Lamb, CeeDee DAL WR
Diggs, Stefon HOU WR
Waddle, Jaylen MIA WR

Higgins, Tee CIN WR
Williams, Jameson DET WR
Moore, D.J. CHI WR
Pickens, George PIT WR
Williams, Mike NYJ WR
Bateman, Rashod BAL WR
Douglas, Demario NEP WR
Mims, Marvin DEN WR
Powell, Brandon MIN WR

Jennings, Jauan SFO WR
Jones, Zay FA WR
Lazard, Allen NYJ WR
Palmer, Trey TBB WR
Perry, A.T. NOS WR
Raymond, Kalif DET WR
Beckham, Odell FA WR
Berrios, Braxton MIA WR
Osborn, K.J. NEP WR
Reynolds, Josh DEN WR
Valdes-Scantling, Marquez FA WR -
Westbrook-Ikhine, Nick TEN WR

Kittle, George SFO TE
Kmet, Cole CHI TE
Likely, Isaiah BAL TE
Mayer, Michael LVR TE
Alie-Cox, Mo IND TE
Gesicki, Mike CIN TE
Otton, Cade TBB TE
Fant, Noah SEA TE
Parham, Donald LAC TE
Gray, Noah KCC TE

Steelers, Pittsburgh PIT Def
Colts, Indianapolis IND Def
Ravens, Baltimore BAL Def
Bengals, Cincinnati CIN Def
Patriots, New England NEP Def

Year 2024 Draft Pick 1.01
Year 2024 Draft Pick 2.01
Year 2024 Draft Pick 3.01
Year 2024 Draft Pick 4.01
Year 2024 Draft Pick 5.01

Year 2024 Draft Pick 1.04
Year 2024 Draft Pick 2.04
Year 2024 Draft Pick 3.04
Year 2024 Draft Pick 4.04
Year 2024 Draft Pick 5.04

Year 2024 Draft Pick 1.08
Year 2024 Draft Pick 2.08
Year 2024 Draft Pick 3.08
Year 2024 Draft Pick 4.08
Year 2024 Draft Pick 5.08
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