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Legit Pro Players Dynasty, IDP, PPR Balanced O/D, 30-Rosters $105 (1 Viewer)


Pro Players Fantasy Football League has 2 Franchises remaining in the GREEN League only.

If you are looking for a Professional Fantasy Football League with a fun format, Pro Players FFL is expanding by one (1) League only this season (2013).

My name is Chris Cox. As Commisioner, I have been with MFL (MyFantasyLeague.com) and owned PPFFL.com since the beginning 9 years ago. All verifiable, the league links are posted clearly on the PPFFL.com Home Page, all of which are paid, completed or current MFL Leagues. I am a verified PayPal Merchant and I post my email and phone number on the home page and always have. I am readily available for all Franchise Owners by cell phone and email. I tell all Pro Players Owners "If you ever have any questions, please call me."

The New GREEN League (IDP/PPR/12 Team Dynasty/30 Man Rosters/16 Starters) is paid in full and is up and running on MFL. If you are considering reserving a Franchise for the upcoming 2013 Season, please go there now and check out the League By-laws. We have high scores on O and D. There are 9 Ways to CASH! Top heavy prize fund, Champs Win $500, Top 6 CASH, NFL Pool and Survivor Pools pay $30 Each, Playoff Bonus Round runs through Superbowl Pays $50. Trades are not allowed. The Draft is scheduled for 12:30am ET Sept. 1st, 9:30pm PT Aug. 31st.

Don't miss out on your chance to get in the 3rd Pro Players League and draft from scratch.
The BLACK League (9th year) and the BLUE League (2nd year) are both full in 2013, but if you prefer to acquire orphaned teams you can get on the Wait List for either or both of those leagues.
All Pro Players Leagues use "Global Rules", which have been forged over 11 years, starting with two season as the West Coast FFL, followed by 9 seasons as Pro Players FFL. I have to say that the Franchise Owners in both the BLUE and the BLACK Leagues seem to truly enjoy this high scoring format, and everyone digs the helmets. You get one free when you are awarded a Franchise.

GREEN League Home on MFL
Reserve a Franchise

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Another Franchise just sold.

That leaves #11 and #12, with two other Franchises Reserved on a First-Come-First-Served basis and therefor available.

Franchise #11 just sold, but it looks like #3 is a no-show so we still have 2 Franchises remaining.


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