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Line up help (1 Viewer)


.5ppr Need to start 2 WR & Flex.  J. Edelman, J. Gordon, D. Thomas, T. Boyd, & K. Coutee.

I feel all have good to decent match up this week.

Thank you,

I would not play Gordon or D. Thomas.  Boyd and Coutee are sucking up targets and are a big part of their offenses.  Thomas has been hit or miss and is a bigger risk.  Gordon hasn't really gotten a full load.  I would roll with Edelman in his 2nd game back for the flex spot.

Given the over under of the NE/KC game i would certainly want a piece of that. I'd go with Edelman and Boyd or Coutee. I'd probably go Boyd.

Boyd and Edelman at WR, Thomas at flex. Thomas should be heavily targeted as Denver could spend half the game in catchup mode. 


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