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Long running PPR Dynasty League looking for a dedicated owner (1 Viewer)


Looking to fill a recent opening in a league.  The league have been around for years and has a great set of owners.  I have been running fantasy leagues since the early 80s.  Please contact me at football@faarg.com if interested.

Sex Panthers - 12 team PPR, no K or D, dues are $60 per year with a $30 deposit to permit trading of future picks.  Deposit is returned if not required to offer a concession to a new owner if/when you leave. League has a taxi squad.  Not a LeagueSafe League.


Picks - 1.05, 2.05, 3.05, 4.05, 5.05

QB - Burrow, Rodgers, Brady

RB - Jacobs, Montgomery, Carter, Singletary, Herbert, Damien Williams, Tarik Cohen, Leveon

WR - Tyreek, Ridley, Golladay, Peoples-Jones, Amari Rodgers, Kendrick Bourne, Beasley, Schwartz, Demarcus Robinson, Josh Gordon

Te - Waller, Brate


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